Saw Palmetto Gold Ultra X-10 60 Tablets

With just one capsule a day, up your game in confidence as a man!
– 4600mg of Saw Palmetto fruit extract for your prostate health
– 25mg of Octacosanol for your agility




With Vitarium’s Saw Palmetto Gold Ultra X-10, you are able to secure your prostate health, and dominate in the game of confidence as a man.

– 4600mg of Saw Palmetto fruit extract which can help maintain prostate health
– 25mg of Octacosanol which can aid in agility growth by 30%
– 12mg of Zinc which can help in stable immune system, and faster and efficient division of cells

What is special about our Saw Palmetto tablets?

Our Saw Palmetto tablets are made with a special extraction technique called Nano Milling Supercritical Extration (NMSE) which extracts the fruit down to a “nano” scale molecules powder.
This helps to minimise the loss of nutrition which prevents any impure solvents to remain, and maximises the chance of pure Saw Palmetto extracts to be nano-packed.
When compared to an existing soft capsule or powder capsule that was made by a wet method using gelatin, it is truly a unique manufacturing method of Vitarium in an attempt to create a “tablet-type” product.

Serving size: 1 tablet / Serving per container: 60
Per Daily Portion Content %Nutrientthreshold
– Calorie 9kcal
– Carbohydrate 0g 0%
– Protein 0g 0%
– Fat 0g 0%
– Salt 0mg 0%

* % Nutrient component reference value: Percentage of daily nutritional component reference value** Daily Value (DV) not established

Functional ingredient or index ingredient:
– Lauric acidd 115mg
– Octacosanol 25mg
– Zinc 12mg (141%)
– Celenium 55mcg(100%)
– Manganese 3mg (100%)
– Vitamin B2 1.4mg(100%)


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