OZ Vitarium promotes only the finest ingredients for our products. We are proud to use premium quality natural ingredients sourced from clean and green environments of Australia and New Zealand.

Green Lipped Mussel

Green Lipped Mussel is a marine fish that lives in New Zealand’s sea. Green lipped mussel is known to be effective in improving inflammation and pain in the joints, fatigue and hangover. 
New Zealand’s oceans are so strong that plankton produces anti-inflammatory substances to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation. Green lipped mussels have a natural anti-inflammatory effect because they grow on plankton with anti-inflammatory substances.

Green lipped mussels contain unsaturated fatty acids to relieve joint pain.
Unsaturated fatty acids such as DHA, EPA, DPA and ALA help to clear inflammation by controlling immune cells. This is 200 ~ 300 times higher anti-inflammatory activity than evening primrose and flaxseed oil, and green lipped mussel helps to improve joint pain because it inhibits the production of leukotriene, which causes inflammation in the body.


Propolis is a material made by honey bees mixed with sap (resin), beeswax, flower pots of flowers, and their secretions, saliva and enzymes. It protects you from intrusion and protects you from viruses. This is why the honeycomb, where tens of thousands of bees gather together at internal temperatures, where bacteria are easy to breed, is always aseptic and free from external pathogens.

Flavonoids contained in propolis have a powerful antioxidant action. Flavonoids, especially those contained in propolis, are non-sugary and unlike those extracted from plants. They do not contain sugar and are highly flavonoids resistant to bacteria not found in other plants.

Colostrum Milk

Cow’s colostrum contains more than 100 times more immunoglobulins (eg IgG, IgA, IgM) than human colostrum. It is also a potent antibacterial substance containing lactoferrin, which acts as an antioxidant, and a large amount of saint factor (IgF-1), which promotes protein synthesis and muscle production, regulates fatty acidization, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The colostrum molecular structure of cow’s milk is similar to human’s colostrum.

Colostrum uses less than 48 hours of colostrum, which is rich in immunity and nutrients, as the raw material is lower as the calf gives birth.

Silymarin (Milk Thistle)

Silymarin is one of the ingredients in milk thistle. Milk Thistle is a thistle plant with purple flowers that has been ingested in Europe since 2000 for liver health. When the leaves are pruned, milky white sap flows into what is called milk thistle. In Germany in the 1903s, silymarin in milk thistle was found to be beneficial for liver health, and much research has been conducted to date. Silymarin is known to improve liver function through antioxidant activity. 

Silymarin Benefits

​​ •Hangover Relief and Liver Disease Effect: Antioxidant activity protects liver cells and promotes the regeneration of damaged liver cells by promoting protein synthesis in liver cells. •Prevention of Diabetes: Taking a certain level can lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, which can help with diabetes. •Helps prevent skin health and aging: Phytochemical ingredients help to improve skin by inhibiting oxidative stress caused by UV light.

Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is a natural honey that is collected from the flowers of a Manuka tree native to New Zealand. It is a rare plant that can only be seen four weeks of the year. Manuka honey, one of New Zealand’s most famous specialties, refers to the honey that bees eat and produce Manuka juice, which is very bactericidal and helps to heal wounds. Recently, if it is also used for the treatment of gastritis, it is said that the effect is better if you take Manuka honey on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Manuka Honey •It helps to prevent skin aging and anti-cancer effect by inhibiting free radicals that promote aging. •It is good for hangovers and helps to concentrate by removing alcohol and toxins in the body. •In the British royal family, it is effective for skin care as it is used as a raw material for cosmetics, soap and mask packs. •It helps promote metabolism and improves digestion, which is good for children’s growth. •It is a natural food with excellent antibacterial effects, which is effective for relieving inflammation and skin diseases of the body, especially for improving the stomach.

Sugar Cane Wax

Sugar cane wax alcohol regulates the most important enzyme (HMG_CoA Reductase) that helps produce cholesterol. By regulating this, it helps to raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, which helps improve cholesterol levels.

Benefits of Sugar Cane •Anti-aging effect: Sugar cane is rich in vitamin E, which is effective in preventing aging. •Lung and Colon Health: Slightly chilled sugar cane has the effect of improving lung and colon function by maintaining a stable beat on the lungs and colon. •Constipation prevention effect  •Fatigue recovery effect 


​Papaya is a soft and sweet tropical fruit native to tropical America. The various nutrients found in papaya are known to improve and protect various health conditions. 

Papaya Benefits •Asthma Prevention: Contains beta carotene that can prevent the risk of asthma. •Anticancer effect  •Bone Health: Prevent bone fracture with rich Vitamin K. •Digestion improvement: It contains papain enzyme which helps digestion, and it has high fiber and water content, preventing constipation and improving digestive ability. •Heart Disease Prevention: Potassium and Vitamins in papaya reduce cardiovascular risk •Inflammation Relief: Papaya choline is effective for improving sleep, muscle movement and memory of the body. It also helps absorb fat and relieve chronic inflammation. •Wound Healing: Helps prevent local skin wounds or burn infections. •Hair health: Papaya contains vitamins that make hair healthy.

Jojoba Oil

​Oil extracted from the jojoba tree, which is a hot, dry desert shrub, is highly moisturizing and rich in nutrients, providing moisture and nourishment deep into the skin.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil
•Sebum control and pore care: Jojoba oil, known for its sebum-like components, helps control sebum secretion and pore care in problematic skin. •High moisturizing effect that prevents the loss of moisture from the skin: It keeps the skin moisturizing and helps maintain moisture even in all skin types through oil and moisture balance. •Suitable for use on the hair, face and body: The protein in Jojoba Seed Oil helps protect and strengthen the skin. It can be used as a moisturizer for dry areas such as hair, face and body.