Vitarium PawPaw Pure Balm 30g

This nourishing natural balm is rich in Paw Paw.
Ideal for all skin areas requiring soothing and protection including lips, hands, heels & all over the body. Also ideal for protecting & soothing babies’delicate skin. Can be used in breast-feeding. (Cleans before feeding, even if the product has not been applied).





Papaya fermented extract nourishes the skin, makes the skin elastic, and has the effect of skin oil management, pore shrinkage and stratum corneum.
When you need to moisturize dry skin.
When you need to moisturize your baby’s skin.
When you need cream for the whole family.
When you want to get rid of dryness on cracked lips.
When moisturizing lipstick looks cloudy.


Papaya Seed Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Yellow Petroleum Jelly, Fragrance.
Papaya Seed Oil : Helps relieve acne and skin problems.
Jojoba Seed Oil : Helps moisturize and control sebum
VitaminE : Helps prevent skin cell aging.


Apply a small amountas often as needed.
If required, Quickly warm the balm by brisklyrubbing your hands together, and then apply.
Can be used as a diaper cream for infant sweat troubles.
You can use it like a moisturizer on your face.
Can be used as a hand cream for hands at work or home.
Can be used for keratin and cracked areas such as heel.
A small amount can be mixed with BB Cream for moisturizing.
It can be used on areas of the skin that need quick soothing.
Can be used as a hair essence on rough hair.


Keep in a cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight.
Balm may become harder in cold temperatures, or very soft in hot climates.


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