Vitarium Premium Propolis Liquid 30ml

For immune function, that can help with antioxidant and oral health.Propolis Liquid is a propolis that is purified from high-enriched undiluted solutions. It has a stronger aroma and taste than a spray, but has a faster effect.




It is a propolis containing 17mg of total flavonoids.

100% Australian Propolis: An Australian-made finished product made using Australian Propolis extract.
Highly concentrated liquid type: Non-alcoholic, highly concentrated propolis containing 17mg of total flavonoids.
Helps with antibacterial action: It can help with antibacterial action in the oral cavity by ingesting twice a day.
Antioxidant Action: The flavonoid component of propolis can purify or extinguish free radicals to help the antioxidant effect.

Take 2 drops a day, diluting 2.5 drops (0.4ml) in water at a time.


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