Goat Milk Prostic 300 Capsules

With just one capsule a day, you are able to secure all 3 goat milk protein and probiotics!
– Goat milk protein
– 350IgG of Colostrum extract
– 11 types of pure probiotics




With Vitarium’s Premium Goat Milk Prostic Candy, you are able to secure all 3 goat milk protein and probiotics in just one capsule per day.

– 100% Netherland origin premium goat milk
– 11 types of pure probiotics with 3000 billion CFU/bottle extract
– Easy and simple chewable tablets consumable by all age, from kids to adults

Recommend to these individuals of who:
– require nutritional supplement due to busy day-to-day lives
– are teenagers and kids that needs an adequate amount of nutrition supplies
– needs life vitality, health promotion and management
– worries about their intestinal health due to irregular eating habits
– wants to consume both the protein of goat milk and probiotics in all-in-one

Serving size: 1 tablet / Serving per container: 300
– Goat Milk Powder 465mg
– Colostrum Powder 100mg
– Probiotics Premix 6.67mg (11 species NLT 300,000 M CFU/g)
– Sugar 0g 0%
– Protein 0g 0%
– Fat 1.5g 2%
– Salt 0mg 0%

* % Nutrient component reference value: Percentage of daily nutritional component reference value** Daily Value (DV) not established


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