Vitarium Propolis Sugar Free Candy 30g

Healthy taste of non-irritating propolis!

  • Propolis raw material imported food inspection results and use of officially cleared ingredients
  • Contains more than 10% of total flavonoids
  • No additives coloring, no sugar for oral care



Vitarium Propolis Sugar-Free Candy is a nutritious candy made with propolis extract obtained from the clean nature of Australia that maintains clean nature.
– Deliciously managed neck health candy
– Convenient intake anytime, anywhere with portable size
– Free of coloring, sugar-free candy for children to consume with confidence
– Raw ingredients for health


It is better to take it as often as a day, 1 tablet at a time when you want refreshment in your mouth or when your throat is tight.

– When you want a refreshing feeling in your mouth that has become thick after eating
– When you want to prevent drowsiness during long-distance driving
– When you want sugar-free candy to reduce sugar intake
– When you want coolness in your neck with frequent neck use
– When breathing is difficult due to a stuffy nose due to a cold or rhinitis
– When you want coolness in your mouth during spring and change of season


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