Vitarium Premium Propolis Spray 30ml

High potency water-soluble propolis a spray bottle.

  • 100% Australian Ingredients, high concentrate water-soluble propolis
  • Antibacterial protection for oral health
  • Contains Manuka Honey 100+


Natural remedy for your daily oral health with antibacterial properties. Vitarium premium propolis spray is Australian made products imported in accordance with the Ministry of Drug and Food Safety.

100% Australian Propolis: Made with Australian Propolis extracts, made in Australia and imported in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Drug and Food Safety.
Daily oral hygiene, and antibacterial properties: Antibiotic properties in flavonoids may help manage oral hygiene.
Contains Manuka Honey: Manuka honey contains Methylglyoxal, a natural antibiotic substance with strong antibacterial properties.
Spray bottle for convenience: Light-weight spray bottle for your convenience and easy application.

Twice a day, 5 sprays (0.6ml) directly into your mouth.
It is even better if you shake the bottle up and down before consumption.


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