Vitarium Propolis 1000 + Zinc & Selenium, 90 Capsules

Three multi-functions of Vitarium Propolis 1000, Zinc Selenium capsules

  • 100% Australian Propolis
  • Total flavonoid 17mg
  • Easy to eat soft capsule




Made with Australian Propolis extracts from pure and green natural environments. Contains 17mg of flavonoids in one capsule. Made in Australia, imported in accordance with the Ministry of Drug and Food Safety.

100% Australian Propolis: Made with Australian Propolis extracts, made in Australia and imported in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Drug and Food Safety.

High concentration propolis extracts containing 17mg of flavonoid: The maximum daily intake recommended by MFDS contains 17mg total flavonoids.

Multi-functional health supplements: Propolis, Zinc and Selenium has been combined to provide antioxidant pro-perties, immune support and antioxidant protection from free radicals, all in one go.

Convenient and easy swallow soft capsule: No bad odour, no bitter taste, easy and convenient soft capsule format, one capsule a day to enjoy a variety of health benefits


One capsule a day, convinient oral soft-capsule


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